There are some primary auth types you’ll likely encounter in your work — discover their peculiarities and how to work with them. Here’s an overview of the primary authentication types you’ll encounter with APIs, including OAuth, OpenID, and SAML.

Authentication can be complex, and developers are forced to work within the framework of the APIs they’re integrating to.

If you’re building internal integrations, you’ll likely encounter easier to manage tokens, if they’re even necessary at all. But for productized integrations, you’ll have to manage your users’ credentials and tokens to third-party systems, which adds complexity and means more time and effort on your plate.

With this in mind, there are some primary auth types that you’ll likely encounter in your work, meaning having some understanding of their intricacies and in-practice use can be helpful to starting off your build quickly and effectively. Read on to learn about the primary auth mechanisms you can use to connect your app to a cloud service endpoint.

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API Authentication Methods: An Overview
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