Vue Native: Build Native Mobile Apps using Vue

Vue Native

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Build native mobile apps using Vue

Vue Native is a framework to build cross platform native mobile apps using JavaScript. It is a wrapper around the APIs of React Native. So, with Vue Native, you can do everything that you can do with React Native. With Vue Native, you get

  • The simplicity of Vue.js. Incrementally build user interfaces with the familiar syntax of HTML and CSS in single file components.
  • Seamless interop with React Native. Use core React Native components with Vue.js syntax out of the box to develop mobile apps on both iOS and Android.



You can find the full documentation for Vue Native on this website. It covers installation and setup, component basics, routing, testing, the internal API and more.

The source for the Vue Native documentation and website is hosted on a separate repo, here


To install Vue Native’s official CLI, run

$ npm install vue-native-cli -g

To use the CLI, you must have either expo-cli or react-native-cli installed globally.

Project setup with Vue Native CLI

The Vue Native CLI can be used to easily generate a fully configured Vue Native app. It wraps expo-cli and react-native-cli to generate a simple single page application (SPA) after installing and configuring dependencies from vue-native-core.

You should have either expo-cli or react-native-cli installed as a global dependency. Refer to the installation guide for details on project setup. The GitHub repository for Vue Native CLI is hosted here.

With the CLI, generating a Vue Native project is as easy as running the command

$ vue-native init <projectName>

Using Vue Native in a React Native project

It is possible to integrate Vue Native into a pre-existing React Native project. You can find instructions to do this here.

These instructions can also be used to set up a Vue Native project from scratch.

Available React Native components

All the core components of React Native 0.63 onwards are globally registered and available to use in templates without the need to import and locally register.

The components and their React Native documentation can be found here.

All other components that were previously available, but then deprecated from React Native can still be used by installing their respective packages.

For example, to use WebView, use the react-native-webview package.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


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Credits to react-vue

A huge thanks to the author of react-vue for most of the work on Vue Native.

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Vue Native: Build Native Mobile Apps using Vue
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