People have to follow a 360 degrees approach to ensure that a data breach doesn’t take place

The Internet has blurred the line between reality and imagination. More futuristic technologies are emerging in the modern era of artificial intelligence (AI). The advanced thought of buying products online through immediate payments methods is a reality now. However, online payments security is becoming a serious issue. Online purchase of goods, solutions and services has revolutionised eCommerce, opening countless opportunities to entrepreneurs worldwide. Unfortunately, keeping the passwords, financial and other personal information safe is increasingly becoming critical. Online frauds are on a historic rise lately. According to a shocking statistics from Juniper Research in 2016, up to 70% of all types of credit card frauds are mainly the card not present (CNP) transactions. The number of online transactions in 2020 is roughly double or even triple of that in 2016. In such a case, you must protect your data during all aspects of business operation including online transactions. In order to secure data, people have to follow a 360 degrees approach to ensure that a security breach doesn’t take place internally or externally. Analytics Insight has compiled top 10 practices that keep hackers away while doing online transactions.

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Top 10 Security Practices to Encrypt Your Data During Online Transaction
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