Leaky abstractions occur when the consumer of the abstraction started asking questions about certain behavior which ends up with the need to understand the details behind the abstraction. Joel Spolsky coined this term and in this video, I’d like to discuss this concept and provide few examples of my own experience towards leaky abstractions. Let us get on with the show.

  • 0:00 Leaky Abstraction
  • 6:00 Postgres Dead Tuples
  • 7:25 MySQL Clustering
  • 9:23 Axios HTTP Library
  • 11:30 ORMs (N+1)
  • 13:30 Beyond Abstractions
  • 15:30 TCP
  • 19:30 HTTP/2
  • 27:00 Microservices
  • 28:40 Index Only Scans Postgres
  • 33:35 git
  • 34:50 Summary

#mysql #postgres #axios #graphql

A Look into Modern Leaky Abstractions - Postgres, MySQL, HTTP/2, TCP, ORMs GraphQL, N+1, Axios, Git
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