Kubernetes eBook for Full-Stack Developers

Introduction to the eBook

This book is designed to help newcomers and experienced users alike learn about Kubernetes. Its chapters are designed to introduce core Kubernetes concepts and to build on them to a level where running an application on a production cluster is a familiar, repeatable, and automated process. From there, more advanced topics are introduced, like how to manage a Kubernetes cluster itself.

There are numerous tools, networking configurations, and processes that can help make Kubernetes more approachable. This book will examine each topic in turn so that anyone who follows along will be able to build, manage, and monitor a Kubernetes cluster on their own.

This book is based on the Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers curriculum found on DigitalOcean Community. It is structured around a few central topics:

  1. Learning Kubernetes core concepts

  2. Modernizing applications to work with containers

  3. Containerizing applications

  4. Deploying applications to Kubernetes

  5. Managing cluster operations

You should not feel obliged to follow the topics in any particular order. If one section is more interesting or relevant to you, explore it and come back to the others later if you prefer. Likewise, if you are already familiar with the concepts and tools in a given section, feel free to skip that one and focus on other topics.

Download the eBook

You can download the eBook in either the EPUB or PDF format by following the links below.

Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers eBook in EPUB format

Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers eBook in PDF format

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Kubernetes eBook for Full-Stack Developers
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