When it comes to technology, change is the only constant. Even a nascent technology like the blockchain has been continuously evolving ever since its inception in 2009 with the introduction of Bitcoins by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, every improvement has been focusing on upholding the value of decentralization that the blockchain brings to the table, contracting the heavy degree of centralization brought about by large technology companies.
TRON is one such improvement and it brings a lot of improvements over the existing blockchain ecosystem.

What is TRON?

TRON is a stable blockchain network that has been introduced to facilitate a completely decentralized web. Needless to say, the blockchain supports decentralized applications and token creation. It was introduced in 2017 as an ICO on the Ethereum platform. The ICO unexpectedly raised more than $70 million, making it one of the most lucrative blockchain introductions ever.
The aim of TRON is to give the ownership of data back to the users, contrary to the present situation where data is held by companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. TRON also aims to help startups create their own decentralized applications without any difficulty.
One of the biggest advantages that TRON brings to the table is its relatively humongous transaction speeds. While the Bitcoin network can handle six transactions per second and Ethereum can handle 25 transactions per second, the TRON network can handle 2000 transactions per second. This presents a practical alternative for global transactions which not only looks great on paper but also works in real life!

What is a TRON Token?

As we have already seen, a blockchain network like TRON supports the creation of tokens within the network. There are a lot of popular TRON tokens that are in circulation. Broadly speaking TRON tokens can be classified into two major divisions: the TRC-10 token and the TRC-20 token.

What is a TRC-10 Token?

The TRC10 token is the cryptocurrency that is created and issued by the network itself. It is negatively powered by the blockchain and does not mandate the presence of a TRON virtual machine. It is possible for any user to issue their own TRC-10 token by spending 1024TRX.
With specifics like the name of the token, the market cap, the total number of tokens, the exchange rate relative to TRX, and the circulation duration. Since these tokens are supported by almost any crypto wallet, it becomes easy for token creators to sell their tokens using initial coin offerings.
They are relatively easy to create and there has always been a high demand for TRC-10 tokens ever since their introduction.

What is a TRC-20 Token?

A TRC-20 token is more of a technical protocol in the TRON blockchain for smart contracts. The protocol can be used to create tokens on the TRON blockchain. What makes these tokens appealing is that they are compatible with the ERC-20 standards and they make use of the TRON virtual machine.
As you may have guessed, the TRC-20 is an upgrade from the TRC-10 protocol. It is more secure and the security is ensured by smart contracts.
We must digress a bit to talk about what these smart contracts are. Smart contracts are, in essence, digital contracts that eliminate the need for intermediaries in the blockchain ecosystem. They are designed to be rigid and conditionally and automatically executed upon the fulfillment of certain conditions.
The smart contract can be considered the epicenter of blockchain technology as it is the one that contributes to decentralization by eliminating the need for intermediaries and the cost associated with it. The TRON smart contract ecosystem presents a worthy alternative to the ERC-20 that was considered the de facto standard for smart contracts for a long time.

What are the Benefits of TRON Development?

The TRON blockchain can be used for developing a diverse range of blockchain applications like cryptocurrency wallets, tokens, and other decentralized apps. They are secure, free from intermediaries, and are designed to process fast transactions. They are versatile in a way that they can be integrated into any existing ecosystem. The TRON wallets can flawlessly be installed on Android, iOS, and Microsoft windows.
The TRON blockchain can also support a P2P decentralized network, limitless data, transparency, easy tracking, token swaps, and dedicated blockchain explorers. The network supports instant transactions on a global scale with global access. The blockchain also supports multiple tokens and is extremely cost-efficient and secure compared to its predecessors. The ten-year plan that TRON has bears testimony to the long-term vision that the founders and the team have for the TRON blockchain.

TRON Blockchain Development

The craze for TRON is steadily growing and it is evident in the number of people purchasing TRX tokens from crypto exchanges. A lot of multi-level marketing companies running on the blockchain prefer to use TRON to other blockchain networks because of the speed advantage it offers.
TRON token development employees either the TRC-10 or the TRC-20 standards. TRON tokens are easy to integrate within existing systems, and the token wallets can be developed for iOS and Android. TRON token development processes should aptly capitalize on the advantages offered by the TRON blockchain in terms of scalability, limitless data, dedicated blockchain explorer, secure data, and global access.
Considering these factors now would be a perfect time for you to invest in developing TRON apps for your business. To ensure that your development process is flawless and smooth, you will need to choose the right TRON development company for your development efforts. The company should be experienced and committed to quality. They should be able to provide scalable and reliable solutions. The company should also be able to engage in multiple TRON development services like TRON (TRC-20) token development, Smart contracts, and every other service that TRON facilitates.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who would like to capitalize on this new wave of the new blockchain, all you need to do is get in touch with a company that specializes in TRON token development and TRON app development. They will take care to understand your precise business requirements and present you with perfect TRC-20 development solutions for your smart contracts and TRC-10 tokens for your offering needs.
You can be assured that, with a company that brings experience, reliability, and scalability to the table, it is just a matter of time… A very short time before you launch your own TRON solutions, making your business ready for the decentralized future!

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