Writing memo about your stuck company research with Vue.js


Simply put

Is a brief memo to think that I if there is a definitive ones created site about the companies of the information that was examined by myself (it is still the middle ,)

is equipped with a login function, the person who had you login each on their own It’s designed to make notes.

Page completed at this stage

*All are responsive.

Home Screen

Home screen. A list of the memos I made is displayed.

You can see the details of the memo by pressing the view memo.

Memo detail screen

It is a detailed screen. Although it is still a prototype, [Date, stock code, stock name, market capitalization, number of floating stocks, theme, general stock price, company URL, reason]

is displayed at this stage, but it is not shown, but at the bottom Pressing a certain edit memo will bring you to the memo edit screen.

Memo edit screen

This is the edit screen. You can edit the opened note.

Memo search screen

It is a search screen. You can search by brand code and the memo of the matching brand will be displayed in a list.

Add memo screen

You can add a memo on the memo addition screen.


The login function uses google login.

Download Details:

Author: mmmommm

Demo: https://horizontal-ward-253909.web.app/

Source Code: https://github.com/mmmommm/brand-memo

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Writing memo about your stuck company research with Vue.js
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