Github is easy to share codes with others, for example I created jakartaee9-starter-boilerplate as a project template for Jakarta EE developers. For those who are familiar with Github, it is easy to start their new projects by forking or cloning this project directly. But obviously for a general Jakarta EE application, you do not need the configuraitons of all application severs, eg. Glassfish/Payara, WildFly, OpenLiberty, Apache TomEE, etc. For most of Java developers esp. Maven users, a simple and clean Maven archetype is still the preferred option to generate the new project skeleton, and you can add the required configuration back later.

I had created some maven archetype like toys myself in the past years, but I never made them public through the Maven Central repository. In this post, I will replay the steps of creating the Maven Archetype for Jakarta EE 9 and the followed steps of publishing it to the Maven Central repository and making it public to the world.

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Building Your Own Maven Archetype
2.20 GEEK