The OFFICIAL new series for learning the ins and outs of interview prep is here!

For part 2, we’ll be over how to take the Go application we built in part 1 and containerize it to be deployed to Kubernetes

This series goes over how to prep if you’re going for an interview as a:

  1. Cloud Engineer
  2. DevOps Engineer
  3. Cloud Developer
  4. Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

This series is coming from a REAL coding test that was given to me for a Cloud Native Engineer role.

We’ll go over:

  1. Creating a web app
  2. Containerizing the web app
  3. Creating a Kubernetes cluster with code
  4. Creating a CICD pipeline with code.

This is a four-part series that will be released weekly!

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Coding Test For The Cloud Part 2 (Docker)
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