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Multithreading enables CPUs to run different parts(threads) of a process concurrently. But what does that mean? Processes can be divided into different parts; let’s take the example of an online multiplayer game. One thread of the game could be responsible for communicating with the servers and rendering the graphics. The communication thread requires minimal computation and would involve some wait time, on the other hand, the render thread is computationally intensive with minimal wait time. Multithreading enables the CPU to run the render thread while the communication thread is waiting for a response from the server, increasing the CPU utilisation.

Note that multithreading is not to be confused with multi-processing. Modern CPUs have multiple cores; multi-processing utilizes these cores to run processes in parallel. Multithreading, however, aims to maximize the utilization of each of these cores by running multiple threads concurrently. Multithreading is useful when the task has IO or network operations that involve waiting; multiprocessing makes computation-intensive tasks of a process faster. Continuing the online game example, the render thread of most games are run in parallel on a GPU with thousands of cores, each thread rendering different aspects of the game. While the communication and IO threads are run concurrently on the CPU.

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How To Run Python Code Concurrently Using Multithreading
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