If you start developing a new iOS app, you probably need to use several external libraries. Even if it’s going to be a very simple one, you probably want to gather some statistics, make requests or show a loading indicator. All of this can be done without external libraries. After all, external libraries are also code, and you can write the code yourself. But why would you do something from scratch if someone else has spent months or years doing so and they are ready to give it to you for free?

The most popular dependency manager for iOS is Cocoapods. It downloads the libraries you need and their dependencies. It’s very easy to integrate and it has the biggest collection of libraries for iOS. In fact, Cocoapods is a standard dependency manager. All popular open source libraries use it.

In this article, I’ll show which libraries I use when I start almost every new project and why.

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10 Pods to Use in a New iOS Project
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