A simple e-commerce app built with a React Native

This is a simple e-commerce app built with a React Native. It has all the functionality to create new products, buy products, see a list of previous orders, and update product info. Everything ready to schedule real-life e-shop.

Tech stack

Expo + React Native + Redux + React Navigation + Firebase Auth + Firebase Realtime Database

Run this App

The best way to test this app is by loading it in the Expo client App. You can downolad it at the App Store and Google Play.

Follow this link to the app project page and click ‘Open project using Expo’. This is it!

App overview


  1. Users can Login and Signup on ‘Auth’ screen
  2. Every authorized user can al list of all available products on ‘All products’ screen. Also you can see product details (image, price, description) by clicking correspondence button.
  3. On ‘Cart’ screen user can confirm order and buy any number of items.
  4. On ‘Orders’ screen you can see a list of all orders.
  5. ‘Your products’ screen is a special place. User can see a list of all his/her (specifically) products. User can add his/her product to the shop here. Also user can delete and edit product details. Full CRUD functionality.

Download Details:

Author: kastergarta

Source Code: https://github.com/kastergarta/react_native_storeapp

#react-native #react #mobile-apps

A simple e-commerce app built with a React Native
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