Laravel has a great out-of-the-box Auth system, but surely we need to customize things here and there. For some of them, no need to look for external packages or write a lot of custom code, let’s explore what interesting abilities are hiding under the hood of Auth.

Tip 1. Auth::routes() Parameters

We all probably know the method Auth::routes() that comes from the Laravel UI package (before Laravel 7, it was included in the core).

But did you know it may accept an array of parameters to enable/disable certain Auth routes?

As of Laravel 7, here are possible parameters, with their default values:

    'login'    => true, 
    'logout'   => true, 
    'register' => true, 
    'reset'    => true,   // for resetting passwords
    'confirm'  => false,  // for additional password confirmations
    'verify'   => false,  // for email verification

Those parameters just enable or disable some routes.

To understand how they work, you can look at the file AuthRouteMethods in Laravel UI:

return function ($options = []) {
    // Login Routes...
    if ($options['login'] ?? true) {
        $this->get('login', 'Auth\LoginController@showLoginForm')->name('login');
        $this->post('login', 'Auth\LoginController@login');

    // Logout Routes...
    if ($options['logout'] ?? true) {
        $this->post('logout', 'Auth\LoginController@logout')->name('logout');

    // Registration Routes...
    if ($options['register'] ?? true) {
        $this->get('register', 'Auth\RegisterController@showRegistrationForm')->name('register');
        $this->post('register', 'Auth\RegisterController@register');

    // Password Reset Routes...
    if ($options['reset'] ?? true) {

    // Password Confirmation Routes...
    if ($options['confirm'] ??
        class_exists($this->prependGroupNamespace('Auth\ConfirmPasswordController'))) {

    // Email Verification Routes...
    if ($options['verify'] ?? false) {

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9 Quick Tips for Auth in Laravel
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