We are thrilled to announce that Heroku Shield Redis is now generally available and certified for handling PHI, PII, and HIPAA-compliant data. Heroku Shield Redis is the final missing data service for Heroku Shield, which is an integrated set of Heroku services with additional security features needed for building high compliance applications. All Heroku Managed Data Services — Heroku Connect, Heroku Redis, Heroku Postgres, and Apache Kafka on Heroku — are now fully certified for handling PHI, PII, and HIPAA-compliant data as part of Heroku Shield. Security and compliance come standard with Heroku Shield, so developers and enterprises can focus solely on building great experiences.

In this new age of COVID-19, we know that developer agility and data security are critical concerns for anyone delivering apps with sensitive or regulated data. But the need to move fast is second only to the need to maintain security and compliance.

Our customers in regulated industries like Health & Life Sciences and Financial Services continue to push us in this direction and have informed our roadmap for years. Heroku Shield Redis continues our ongoing investments in secure, compliant features like Bring Your Own Key, services like Apache Kafka on Heroku Shield, and external integrations over Private Link and mutual TLS.

Build Real-Time Apps with Secure Data, More Easily than Ever

Developers love Redis for its unique ability to deliver sub-millisecond response times and handle millions of operations per second. Its use cases range from well-known to emerging:

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Heroku Shield Redis Is Now Generally Available
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