The emergence of social media apps has made it possible for celebrities to seamlessly establish a connection among their super fans. However, what if there’s a platform that can enable followers to have one-on-one sessions with their favorite celebrities and celebrities to monetize their content, paving the way for enhanced income. Yes, premium subscription-based social media apps have made this possible in the digital world.
Numerous apps like OnlyFans, CelebVM, etc., have leveraged this idea and have gained a tremendous response worldwide. Are you an entrepreneur who aspires to launch an app like OnlyFans but hesitating to initiate your app development? Well, this blog will provide you detailed insights on the benefits and income-generating ways of an OnlyFans clone. Let’s dive straight in.

COVID-19 comes as a blessing in disguise
The overall market for subscription-based social media apps has witnessed an exponential trajectory ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. The market leader, OnlyFans, experienced a massive surge following the lockdown norms in April & May. Some stats that signify the tremendous demand include,
As many as 200,000 new users registered with OnlyFans every day in May 2020.
Likewise, almost 6000–8000 content creators joined the platform every day in May 2020.
From an entrepreneurial perspective, premium subscriptions have increased by more than 50% since April.

The stakeholders involved
When it comes to premium social media subscription apps, there are three stakeholders involved. They include,
Celebrities who create content
Followers who subscribe for the content
The platform owner
A platform to enhance sustainability and gain success among the audience must satisfy all three stakeholders comprehensively. In the upcoming section, let’s discuss how a premium social media app benefits different stakeholders.

The platform provides a double-advantage scenario when it comes to celebrities. They get to monetize their content and grow a massive customer base concurrently. In today’s technologically-driven world, celebrities are pushed to a state where they need to stay in touch with their followers to enhance their visibility. While ordinary social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, etc., take care of visibility, celebrities cannot gain an income for showcasing their skills.
With apps like OnlyFans, celebrities can connect with a premium community of followers. This way, they get to reach out to their trusted followers and boost their profits by growing their audience base on the platform.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘Fan’ is a shortened version of the word ‘Fanatic.’ Nowadays, fans are interested in knowing and following celebrities off-screen. This way, they can build a personal bonding with their favorite stars. These celebrity subscriptions & interaction apps have made it possible for followers to go the extra mile of reaching out to their desired celebrities and even have one-on-one sessions with them.
By paying a nominal fee as subscription charges, followers get to know more about celebrities’ lives, enabling them to access content seamlessly from a single place.

The platform owner
An entrepreneur’s role in steering a business towards success is simple — benefiting every stakeholder and generating consistent income. The premium social media app bridges the gap between celebrities and influencers seamlessly by leveraging the online medium. Hence, the platform owner benefits both stars and their followers in this aspect. On the other hand, the platform owner receives income from a variety of sources. We’ll discuss different revenue-generating streams in the upcoming section.
Thus it is clear that the OnlyFans clone provides a win-win-win situation, coming with numerous advantages for everyone in the community.

The Revenue Models
The ultimate aim of any app is to yield income in a variety of ways. The various revenue-generating streams of the celebrity content subscription app include,
Commissions from subscriptions: Not every penny paid by the follower reaches the celebrity. The platform owner receives a fixed percentage of these charges, say 20%, as paid commissions. This way, for every subscription, the platform owner enjoys a steady income source.
PPV messaging: Similar to subscriptions, customers pay a fixed amount to have a chat/call session with celebrities. A part of this charge goes directly into the pockets of entrepreneurs.
In-app ad charges: Displaying third-party ad banners is an excellent monetization strategy to consider. An entrepreneur can levy ad charges to third-party brand owners based on views, clicks, impressions, hourly rates, etc.

Killer features worth-considering in an app like OnlyFans
Now, to captivate the audience and propel them to use your platform, you need to engage them comprehensively with cutting-edge features. Some of the killer features that shape an app like OnlyFans include,
In-app chat/call
Video recommendations
Quick browse
Profile update
In-app calendar
Push notifications
Earnings dashboard
Manage E-commerce store
Real-time analytics

Roll out your app today!
With such revenue streams and enticing benefits, do not hesitate or have second thoughts about investing in the premium social media subscription app. The market forecasts a sea of entrepreneurs to make their presence in the emerging sector. All you have to do is reach out to an expert app development company, tell them your visions and ideas, customize their OnlyFans clone, and venture into the market right away.

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