React and Redux Tutorial | Getting Started with React and Redux


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Original MOTTO: An easy way to learn React through examples.

Updated MOTTO: Learning React topic by topic.

Before starting

2/21/19 UPDATE: Many things happened in React and its ecosystem. I will try to update the sections to React 16.8.\* (Hooks and some interesting new APIs) and go deeper in the “Life cycle” paragraph for class-based Components. Also, I will be splitting sections in sub-sections for better understanding and proper grouping.

After several years of contributing, mentoring and working with JS and React, I decided to “put together” some notes linked to recurrent doubts and obstacles that friends and co-workers have to face daily.

This is a pure practical guide (ps, it was at the beginning): please, keep the practical intention present during the course of these "shared notes"; I don´t have the intent of challenging the great and plentiful coaching classes; neither the books/"white papers" that today, you can easily find anywhere (starting with the own Facebook´s proprietary documentation).

My aim, as I stated before (even with the latests addons and updates), is -still- clearly pragmatic. You will see some concepts and technicalities (as general and well-needed context) but you should (perhaps must) complement this "joint exercise" with other materials (I try to avoid quoting or referencing given that, an important part of your training is discovering good sources and picking those that satisfy your own and extremely personal "way to learn". However, taking a look the the mother source will not hurt you: react).

Getting Started


You DO need to have an intermediate knowledge of JavaScript and, preferably, some exposure to es2015 or ES6. Even when "more complex topics" (not ordinary ones) are addressed as needed as part of the "lessons" (for example leaks, currying) not having an underlying JS base at all will generate more doubts and it could guide you to frustration, and ultimately, a premature failure. If you don´t have experience with JavaScript, some familiarity with Functional Programming and Prototypes... Please, first resolve the context of this and then come back (btw, if this made you smile, you should be good).

Before proceeding with the tutorial, be sure that you have installed or, install...


  • Node.js
  • Package manager (npm which comes with Node or yarn)

Note: packages, dependencies, libraries... are going to be referenced on-demand. Those whose scope is bigger will be addressed in 09_packages




Alternative to npm. I will be using yarn (At the moment of writing this doc there are no major differences between the two, as it used to...)

Learn more about the npm registry consumed by both, yarn and npm

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React and Redux Tutorial | Getting Started with React and Redux
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