In today's video we will be creating a chat bot for Telegram using Bot Father and Python. This is the perfect bot for getting started with creating more complex Telegram bots. It will show you how to get an API Token, how to customise the bot, how you can add commands to the bot, and how you can make it work in groups!

00:00 Intro
00:32 Bot Father
01:27 API Token
02:15 Bot Customisation
04:20 Pip Install
04:51 Imports
05:11 Bot Commands
07:09 Handling Responses 
09:08 Handling Messages
13:07 Errors
13:37 Putting It Together
16:24 Command Descriptions
18:12 Running The Bot
19:35 Group Chat
21:55 Success!



Build a Telegram Bot using Bot Father and Python
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