Learn Python 3 from Scratch! Create Python 3 Applications. Understand Object Oriented Programming in Python.

Do you want to learn Python 3?

You have come to the right place, welcome to the Python 3 mastery course,

where you will learn how to create real-world python applications from scratch

Why should you learn python?

Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages on the planet.

Even compared to other popular languages. Python is way ahead.

It is also projected to be one of the most popular programming languages way into the future

It doesn't matter whether you want to focus on Web applications, Games, Machine learning or Data Science, Python is used everywhere.

Who is this video for?

Beginners with no programming experience

Programmers with experience in another programming languages

Anyone who knows basic python but wants to learn more in depth

What you can find inside the video?

How to install Python 3

How to install Visual Studio Code


Operations with Variables


Code Branching (if, else if, else)

Python Data Structures (Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries)

Loops (for, while)

Break & continue statements

Work with files (create, open, write, append)

Exception Handling


Recursive Functions

How to debug applications

Modules and PIP

Object Oriented Programming




Simple Algorithms (for improvement of problem solving skills)

TkInter GUI

Frames, Buttons, Entry, Grid, Menu, Canvas, Rectangles, Lines, Oval...

You will also create real-world graphical applications:

TODO list

text editor

graphical editor


Learn Python 3 Programming for Beginners
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