COVID has impacted all of us, but some more than others. One of the major problems people faced and are continuing to face is the shortage of hospital beds. A few months back I created a  GraphQL API which returns the availability of beds in multiple cities and districts in India. The data is scraped off official websites and normalized to a uniform format which is then exposed in the form of a GraphQL API.

Note, the data is only available for select cities in India.

You can also explore the API in the  GraphQL Playground.

Using the Bedav API and the Vonage Messages API, we’re going to be building a chatbot that works with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger using JavaScript. The function of this chatbot is to help users search for hospitals in a city, find a hospital with available beds, and provide additional info about the hospital such as its phone number and address. We’ll also be creating a command with which the user can get directions to a hospital.


  1. Node and npm
  2. A Vonage account

#node-js-tutorial #graphql #nodejs

Build a WhatsApp and Messenger GraphQL Bot To Find Hospital Beds
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