Roadmap to a Good UI Design
According to a study, about 75% of a website’s credibility comes from its design. Investing in web designing boosts the business image by appealing the customers and users. Adhering to a good UI design roadmap consisting of particular steps that are helpful to bring structure and order into a web design process. For any designing company, they generally adopt the approach for the designing and development of a website:-
User Research & Analysis
Undoubtedly, research is an essential part of every design and development phase. It is commonly observed that even though research is an utmost phase of the designing, it is still ignored by most of the designers. For accurate and effective research, UI designers need to put themselves in the user’s shoes – they need to know how they will see, feel, or interact with it. It is always better to research every step of the designing phase, you can utilize it as per the time and budget of the project.

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How To Plan Your Website Designing With A UI Design Roadmap
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