Managing a blockchain community does not seem from a distance. Here, we’ll discuss the experiences I have with community management in the blockchain.

1-Blockchain communities don’t just consist of nerdy types doing R&D!

I manage certain communities and nerdy types are the least percentage in this group. Instead, we focus on certain activities like R&D, networking, organization, education, and business development. Even more, community leaders continue to manage at least two or three communities at the same time. Instead; we do activities like networking, socializing, camping, and when we find the opportunity; we party hard.

2-They don’t just do stuff on blockchain

Even though blockchain is the main specialty of people in the community. We just work in different fields and most of us work at least two. Instead, most people know about certain topics interesting in them. The main thing is, we only have an administrative role to keep our departments working on certain fields. The rest of our lives is kept completely outside.

3-They Support People Who Try New Things

The entrepreneurial spirit is always encouraged if you tell your new ideas to your friends. They don’t ridicule you and will do their best to integrate into their community. And the good news, student clubs do the same to give the most diverse environment as possible as long as it’s related to blockchain.

4-We aim to create a decentralized and distributed system instead of centralized hierarchies

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We don’t like titles and hierarchies. Instead, we see all ourselves as an equal and rewarding initiative to take action. Even more, if they tell us about their new ideas; we encourage and help them to make a reality to further strengthen our community as long as it’s related to blockchain.

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Community Management in Blockchain: Not Really Seemed From a Distance
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