Let’s master the MERN stack with project-based learning and Learn how to build a collaborative ToDo list app that connects with a GraphQL API

In this series, we will build a collaborative project management tool (a better Todo list).
For the backend, we will create a GraphQL API using Apollo server, NodeJS and for the database, we will use MongoDB. In this tutorial, I will explain all the steps from setting up the project to deploying it to a server.
For the front end, we will develop a mobile application in React Native from scratch. We will start by building the UI interface of the TODO app, and then we will connect it to the GraphQL API using Apollo client. By the end of this video, we will develop a fully functional ToDo list app, that allows multiple people to collaborate on the same project.
Let’s learn together πŸ“–πŸ’‘

πŸŽ’ Download the Asset Bundle (Images, Dummy data, PDF presentation):

πŸŽ’ Project Management Board:

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Build a Collaborative ToDo App in React Native (Full-stack MERN Tutorial )
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