I want to share with you a comprehensive tutorial, which teaches you how to efficiently use, implement Select2 Autocomplete jQuery library in Codeigniter 4 application. This post enumerates all the essentials factors that help you create ajax autocomplete search that fetches data from the database.

Codeigniter 4 Select2 AJAX Autocomplete Search from Database

Select2 is an ideal jQuery plugin, which gives freedom of customization to a standard select box. With it, you can spruce up a search select box, ajax autocomplete and it offers several but useful options. Such as. Searching, tagging, remote data sets, infinite scrolling, and many other highly used options.

Before we begin, I would like to shed a little light on Autocomplete as well. It is also known as word completion. is a powerful feature, mainly found in web and mobile applications. It predicts the rest of the word when the user starts typing the word. The predicted word can be chosen by pressing on the tab key.

Codeigniter 4 Select2 Example

Why autocomplete with the select box is needed? Well, we have an answer for you. Think, when you have thousands or maybe millions of records stored in the database.

You have a task to fetch all the records and display to the user. It’s a seer loss of resources if you load entire data at once and that too for few records. That is where  Select2.js comes to make the coherence for human-computer interaction. It let us use the select box, and load data using autocomplete and refrain form loading all the result at once.

Here, the assortment of every step is given below, and please take care.

Table of Contents
  1. Download Codeigniter 4 App
  2. Enable Error Reporting
  3. Create Database and Table
  4. Make Database Connection
  5. Make Controller
  6. Create Route
  7. Create Controller
  8. Test Application & Download Project

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Codeigniter 4 Select2 AJAX Autocomplete Search from Database
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