Adding features like animations and haptic touch feedback makes mobile apps feel more performant. In this article we are going to be talking about Haptic Feedback in React Native — what it is and how can we implement it in mobile apps.

Haptic touch feedback is engineered feedback from applying touch on a game, console or smartphone. You know those vibrations from your favorite video games when your character dies or when the ball strikes the bar in FIFA.

Take a look at big apps, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and notice how nice the haptic feedback feels in your hand when you are taking important actions such as likes or follows.

The haptic feedback library we are about to explore in this React Native tutorial is provided by Expo and is called expo-haptics. After exploring the library we will go ahead and build a tiny application to apply what what we have learnt.


Create a new Expo project

expo init haptic_feedback_example

Install expo-haptics

expo install expo-haptics

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How to Generate Haptic Feedback in React Native
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