How to create Node.js Express social media Rest API using MongoDb. Build a real-world social media app REST API with login, register, and all CRUD operations and learn how to use MongoDb models with Node.js routers.

0:00 Introduction
1:12 Installation
4:18 Creating Express App
6:10 Connecting MongoDB
8:30 Middlewares and First Request
10:50 Creating User Router
13:56: Creating User Model
18:45 Login and Register System
35:05 Node.js Express CRUD
51:41 Follow and Unfollow User
01:02:04 Creating Post Model
01:05:11 Node.js MongoDB Post CRUD
01:15:34 Like and Dislike Post
01:22:16 Nested Asynchronous Fetch 
01:29:30 Future

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#node #mongodb #javascript

Node.js Social Media REST API with MongoDb
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