Amy Tom chats with Mark Gamble, the Product & Solutions Marketing Director at Couchbase, about Edge Computing. They talk about being at the edge of the cloud, moving your data operations closer to your customer, and assessing your need for edge computing. Mark explains tiered data systems, setting up data centers to avoid system downtime, computing configuration for faster response time.

In this episode, Amy and Mark talk about:

  • Mark’s definition of edge computing - bringing data and computing closer to the applications that are being consumed (10:00)
  • How to get to the edge of the cloud and closer to the customer (13:40)
  • Target suffered a 2-hour POS system outage and lost $50 Million (16:25)
  • What is driving the growth of edge computing - an alternative to meeting the demand of internet users (22:00)
  • The balancing act between the cost of edge computing with the risk of downtime (23:58)
  • How to manage analytic processing of large amounts of data while avoiding high latency when you require a real-time response of your application (30:00)
  • A layered data storage approach to dictate where the data is stored (35:00)

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  • Learn more about  Couchbase’s Edge Computing Solution

Machine-Generated Podcast Transcript (Please Excuse The Errors)

Amy: [00:00:00] This podcast was produced by hacker noon, hosted by me, Amy, Tom, and edited by Damian. So I just read an article the other day that talked about how Nicholas Cage’s new wife was FedExed a ring to her and proposed via zoom. So that being said, I’m just opening the floor up to anyone who wants to FedEx me a ring.

You can tweet us at hacker noon for my ring size and my address information. But anyways, this is the hacker noon podcast. My name is Amy Tom, and today I am joined with Mark. He is the product and solutions marketing director at Couchbase. So I’m very excited to have you on Mark. How are you doing today?

Mark: [00:00:49] Doing going great, Amy. I’m probably not as, uh, slick and cool as Nicholas cage, but. Excited, nonetheless. Great opening. That was really Funny thank you.

Amy: [00:01:01] So can you tell me a bit about your background?

Mark: [00:01:04] Sure. Yeah. I, uh, come to product and solutions marketing by way of sort of a technical journey. If you will. Started in high-tech many years ago at a little data company called Illustra and founded amongst others by Michael Stonebraker. Those in the database world met recognize that name. And I was doing more items kind of stuff there, but really started to cut my teeth on data and fall in love with the power of data Balestra got bought by another little company called Informix where I went into technical marketing.

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GitOps, Kubernetes, and Databases (Podcast Transcript)
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