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The much anticipated build is FINALLY HERE! 
Join me as I build the UBER CLONE with REACT NATIVE (yes we're building for iOS & Android!), you'll learn how to do the following in this build:

πŸ‘‰  Use Tailwind CSS with RN for awesome styling!
πŸ‘‰  Use the Google Distance Matrix API to calculate Travel time and Distance (+ Cost!)
πŸ‘‰  Use the Directions Google API for real navigation!
πŸ‘‰  Use Google places API for real navigations!
πŸ‘‰  Use apple & google maps for iOS & Android 
πŸ‘‰  Use React Native Navigation to navigate between screens!
πŸ‘‰  Use React Native Elements to elevate your app design!


πŸ–₯️ CODE
Get the code for my builds here: https://links.papareact.com/github

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Build Showcase
03:26 Build Explanation  
08:59 Setting up Expo
14:57 Initialising the Build
23:33 Setting up and Implementing Redux
44:01 Building the HomeScreen Component
55:41 Building the NavOptions Component
1:14:44 Implementing React Native Navigation
1:27:13 Implementing Google Autocomplete Library
2:00:34 Building the MapScreen Component
2:04:27 Building the Map Component
2:17:04 Building the RideOptionsCard Component (1/2)
2:18:33 Building the NavigateCard Component (1/2)
2:29:06 Implementing the Directions API
2:38:06 Building the NavFavourites Component
2:46:25 Implementing Keyboard Avoiding View
2:50:34 Building the NavigateCard Component (2/2)
2:57:12 Building the RideOptionsCard Component (2/2)
3:17:38 Implementing the Travel Time Calculation
3:26:13 Implementing the Price Calculation
3:32:58 Building the Menu Button
3:35:32 Bug Fixing
3:36:42 Final Build Demo
3:40:45 Outro

#reactjs #reactnative #redux #tailwindcss #tailwind #react 

How to Build the Uber Clone with React Native
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