CSS Grid is one of the most useful features in CSS. Tailwind CSS Grid classes make it easy to create complex CSS Grid layouts with the clean CSS Grid classes it provides.

To build a CSS Grid using Tailwind, we have to create a grid by using Tailwind’s column and row classes. Here are the Tailwind classes needed to build a 3x3 CSS Grid: “grid grid-cols-3 grid-rows-3”


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:33 Docs Overview
  • 1:10 Creating CSS Grids
  • 1:40 CodePen Setup
  • 2:06 HTML Setup
  • 2:36 Grid Setup
  • 3:23 Columns & Rows
  • 5:40 Grid Gaps
  • 6:15 Responsive
  • 7:15 Spanning Columns and Rows
  • 9:15 Conclusion

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Using Tailwind CSS Grid Classes
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