Full overlay with spinner for Vue

Vue Full Loading

Full overlay with spinner for Vue.

Perfect for performing a task in the background avoiding any other action on the screen. Can be easily handled by your central event bus


npm install vue-full-loading --save


Properties Type Values
label String Default ‘Loading…’
show Boolean Default false
Options: true or false.
overlay Boolean Default true
Options: true or false.
overlay-class String Default ‘white-overlay’
loader-class String Default ‘loader-wrapper’
event-bus Object Default null
Central event Bus
event-show String Default ‘show-full-loading’
event-hide String Default ‘hide-full-loading’


Want to add your own loading content/style? No problem, you can use the available slots to do so.

Available slots:

  • loading-container - This is the container for the loading text/spinner
  • loading-text - Only for the loading text
  • loading-spinner - Only for the spinner


Include the component in your .vue file.


You also can manage this component by your eventBus with custom event names.


Notice that if no event names passed it will use the default ones.

Match your data with your components props.

import loading from 'vue-full-loading'

export default {
  components: {
       return {
           show: false,
           label: 'Loading...'

Live Demo

Download Details:

Author: PygmySlowLoris

GitHub: https://github.com/PygmySlowLoris/vue-full-loading

#vuejs #javascript #vue-js

Full overlay with spinner for Vue
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