What is Web Scraping?

Websites are mostly built with HTML or XML These markup languages go in a certain order. The process of extracting data from this layout is called data scraping. In some sources, it can be referred to as web harvest or web extraction.Why Do We Scrape Data? There are many reasons for this. The main goal is to find, edit, and make data that will benefit us from a website. If we need to do this continuously, then we need to automate the data scraping.Steps to Scrape DataIt’s very important that we determine our purpose before we start scraping data.

  • What data do we want to extract?What is the format of the data? How can I reach it?What sources will I get the data from? Are my resources fixed? Can they change?After I get the data, do I have to clean up and process this data?Where am I going to keep the data?

If we can give us a good answer to these questions, there are tools and processes that will help us in some way, and it is easy to overcome. The steps that need to be taken are simply as follows;

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Web Scraping using Python: Stock Market Example
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