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Everyone knows that work is one of the most important activities of the person if she wants to survive in the human society. Of course, it is not so easy to find the appropriate job, because first of all one should receive the appropriate education and qualification required for the fulfilment of the work. In addition, it is extremely difficult to find the right job at college essay writing services, as the problem of unemployment is becoming more and more relevant mainly caused by the problem of overpopulation. It is complicated for an inexperienced young person to find a good job and support herself in such difficult circumstances. Moreover, many employers demand their novice employees to possess at least certain job experience which would reflect their ability to work well.

When the student has decided to find a job, he will face many problems on his way. First of all he should be psychologically prepared to this change in his life and try to be firm, responsible and serious. The applicant should know that a job is not a school or other educational institution, it is something serious which requires responsibility, knowledge and skills. The young person should understand that if she is paid money for the job, she should be able to work hard.

Every employer who recruits and selects novice employees evaluates their knowledge, skills and psychological condition. The employer wants to hire a mature and serious hardworking person, who will fulfill her duties and always be reliable and ready to act for the benefit of the company. The most widespread method of recruitment is the interview. The employer observes the applicant’s speech, gestures, behaviour, reaction towards the unpredictable questions and tests. The applicant should know that it is not always knowledge and skills which play the leading part in the process of recruitment. Personal qualities, emotional stability and sober mind are much more important, because if the applicant is asked a controversial question, his knowledge will not help him.

So, if the student wants to succeed at his first interview for a job, he should stay confident, answer to all the questions directly and use his creativity widely. It is not required to demonstrate too much knowledge and one must never show off, otherwise the employer will treat such an applicant negatively. In addition, one must not play a certain role but try to be himself.

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