Oak is middleware for deno to allow you to create a net server. We will go through a number of things to let you better understand how to use deno and oak together.

Setting up a deno api using oak, we will create basic deno rest api endpoints, including get, post, patch and delete. If you are new to deno, this tutorial should give the fundamentals to get started.

Oak deno can be used together to create a web server, and this net server essentially can listen on any port. Some items we will cover in this tutorial for oak will include setting up requests, using the context, setting up responses, pulling in and accessing body parameters and more.

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Web Server Hello World
01:44 Logging requests
02:50 Router setup
04:09 API setup with endpoints
11:18 Conclusion



#deno #rest #api #javascript #typescript

Deno Oak Tutorial | Deno REST API
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