While the command-line might seem like an antiquated means of work from outside it does have unexpected benefits. Bert Jan Schrijver, CTO at OpenValue, is using the command-line to make his work easier, more productive and even fun. Get a quick overview of where to start and what to use the command-line for.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:52 Why the command-line?
  • 03:55 Which editor to use?
  • 04:37 The command-line ecosystem
  • 07:24 Utilities & what to use them for?
  • 09:24 What about 3rd party extensions?
  • 10:17 What about Windows?
  • 11:05 Learn more about command-lines
  • 14:28 Outro

Read the full transcription of this interview here:


Command-line, The Underestimated Tool
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