DaedalOS: Desktop Environment in the Browser

๐ŸŒŒ daedalOS ๐ŸŒŒ

Desktop environment in the browser

Feature Overview

System ๐Ÿง 

File System

  • File Explorer
    • Back, Forward, Recent locations, Up one level, Address bar, Search
  • Drag & Drop File Support (internal & external)
    • Loading progress dialog
  • ZIP (write support), ZIP/ISO read support, 7Z/GZ/RAR/TAR/etc. extract support
  • Writes to IndexedDb
  • Group selection/manipulation & drag to sort/arrange
  • Dynamic and auto cached icons for music, images, video & emulator states
  • Context Menus
    • Cut, Copy, Create shortcut, Delete, Rename
    • Add file(s), Map directory
    • Open with options/dialog, Open file/folder location, Open in new window, Open Terminal here
    • Download, Add to archive, Extract here, Set as wallpaper, Convert audio/video/photo/spreadsheets, Properties
    • Sort by, New Folder, New Text Document
    • Screen Capture
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+X, CTRL+A, Delete
    • F2, F5, Backspace, Arrows, Enter
    • In Fullscreen: Windows Key, Windows Key + R
  • File information tooltips
  • Allow sorting by name, size, type or date
    • Persists icon position/sort order


Start Menu

  • Expandable Sidebar
    • Apps list, Documents/Pictures/Videos shortcuts, Power (clears session)
  • Spotlight visual effect
  • Folder support
  • Keyboard shortcut opens with SHIFT+ESC
    • Or Windows Key when in fullscreen


  • Peek hover preview of windows
  • Focused window indicator




  • Query parameter loading
    • Examples:
      • /?url=/CREDITS.md
      • /?app=Browser

Apps ๐Ÿงช

AI Chat

BoxedWine (.exe, .zip)

  • Runs 16/32-bit Windows applications

Browser (.htm, .html)

  • Loads websites (w/HTTP header support)
  • Bookmark bar
  • Favicon support
  • Back/Forward & Reload
  • Google search via Address bar


  • Console, Elements, Network, Resources, Sources, DOM
  • Activate from Start Menu or SHIFT+F12

EmulatorJS (.32x, .a26, .a52, .a78, .gb, .gba, .gbc, .gen, .gg, .j64, .jag, .lnx, .n64, .nds, .nes, .ngc, .ngp, .pce, .sfc, .smc, .smd, .sms, .v64, .vb, .vboy, .ws, .wsc, .z64)

  • Plays console game roms


  • Internet Relay Chat Client
  • Connects over WebSockets

js-dos (.exe, .jsdos, .zip)

  • DOS emulator
  • Automatic save states on close
    • /Users/Public/Snapshots
  • Automatic window resize

Marked (.md)

  • Markdown Viewer

Monaco Editor

  • Code/text editor
  • Supports all file types
  • Save files via CTRL+S
  • Line count, cursor position, language id
  • Prettier formatting
    • json, js/ts, css/sass/less, html, markdown

Paint (.bmp, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .webp,)

  • Create & edit images

PDF (.pdf)

  • Render/Print PDF's
  • Page current/count & Zoom


Ruffle (.swf, .spl)

  • Flash Player emulator

Stable Diffusion

  • Creates 512x512 images using artificial intelligence
  • Runs locally using WebSD


TinyMCE (.rtf, .whtml)

  • Read & WYSIWYG modes
  • File save support

Virtual x86 (.img, .iso)

  • x86 emulator
  • Automatic save states on close
    • /Users/Public/Snapshots
  • Automatic window resize

Video Player


  • Code/text editor
  • Supports all file types

Webamp (.mp3, .wsz)

Try It ๐Ÿš€



yarn build:fs
yarn dev


yarn build
yarn start


docker build -t daedalos .
docker run -dp 3000:3000 --rm --name daedalos daedalos

Download Details:

Author: DustinBrett
Source Code: https://github.com/DustinBrett/daedalOS 
License: MIT license

#javascript #desktop #environment 

DaedalOS: Desktop Environment in the Browser
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