Master game animations using just plain vanilla JavaScript and HTML5 canvas. I will take you through the code step by step and we will build 4 creative coding projects together. Come practice vanilla JavaScript game animations for beginners with me. We will learn how to generate groups of computer controlled animated characters and we will make them move in 4 different ways, from random jumpy movement to path following. In this tutorial we will gain deep understanding of game development with JavaScript and take one more step towards front end web development mastery. Have fun! :)

00:00 Project previews, game ideas
02:41 How to set up HTML and CSS for canvas project
03:47 How to set up HTML5 canvas project with JavaScript
05:17 How to animate single object on canvas
07:30 Create many animated objects with ES6 classes
17:20 How to draw images on HTML canvas
19:55 How to animate sprite sheets with vanilla JavaScript
25:46 Movement 1: random chaotic jumps
27:54 Movement 2: sine waves with Math.sin method
34:15 Movement 3: how to animate paths using trigonometry
44:54 Movement 4: moving towards randomised target
48:58 Challenge and outro



Vanilla JavaScript Game Animations for Beginners
10.15 GEEK