Ten AI-driven women-led startups are set to get a big tech boost next weekend as part of WaiDATATHON, the first datathon ever hosted in VR! The two day virtual event is designed to connect women entrepreneurs with global data, AI and software engineers who will build prototypes for each startup.

WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future is orchestrated by two Women in AI members and Machine Learning/Computer Vision engineers from Autonomous Driving R&D at TomTom, Sindi Shkodrani and Vedika Agarwal.

Sindi Shkodrani, who is leading #WaiDATATHON, says that making conscious and sustainable tech requires a mindset of building things fast. “We want to nurture our startups and future tech with these values. If you believe that the future of data and AI is sustainable, join us to build it together.”

How it works:

Browse through the challenges and register today to help. Then select and apply to one of the challenge ideas. Teams are expected to build a working proof of concept. All teams will present their ideas to a specialized jury and the winners will be announced.

Eve Logunova is the Women in AI Ambassador in the Netherlands who manages the accelerator where the women entrepreneurs have been engaging for the past nine months. “These challenges are generating great interest and we are very happy to enable our entrepreneurs in their product development journey!”

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Data Scientists to Help Women-led Startups Soar in WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future
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