Ever taken a Jamstack view of a REST API? Learn how to evolve an API without breaking clients, with the help of Hapi, Joi, TypeScript, TDD, Mongo and more.

The Jamstack has a nice way of separating the front end from the back end to where the entire solution doesn’t have to ship in a single monolith — and all at the exact same time. When the Jamstack is paired with a REST API, the client and the API can evolve independently. This means both front and back ends are not tightly coupled, and changing one doesn’t necessarily mean changing the other.

In this article, I’ll take a look at a REST API from the perspective of the Jamstack. I’ll show how to evolve the API without breaking existing clients and adhere to REST standards. I’ll pick Hapi as the tool of choice to build the API, and Joi for endpoint validations. The database persistence layer will go in MongoDB via Mongoose to access the data. Test-driven development will help me iterate through changes and provide a quick way to get feedback with less cognitive load. At the end, the goal is for you to see how REST, and the Jamstack, can provide a solution with high cohesion and low coupling between software modules. This type of architecture is best for distributed systems with lots of microservices each on their own separate domains. I’ll assume a working knowledge of NPM, ES6+, and a basic familiarity with API endpoints.

The API will work with author data, with a name, email, and an optional 1:N (one-to-few via document embedding) relationship on favorite topics. I’ll write a GET, PUT (with an upsert), and DELETE endpoints. To test the API, any client that supports fetch() will do, so I’ll pick Hoppscotch and CURL.

I’ll keep the reading flow of this piece like a tutorial where you can follow along from top to bottom. For those who’d rather skip to the code, it is available on GitHub for your viewing pleasure. This tutorial assumes a working version of Node (preferably the latest LTS) and MongoDB already installed.

#typescript #api #mongodb #javascript

Build a Rest API for the Jamstack with Hapi and TypeScript
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