This article discusses the need for data governance for the multi-public cloud by outlining the top 10 AWS best practices that organizations should implement.

“Cloud computing offers individuals’ access to data and applications from nearly any point of access to the Internet, offers businesses a whole new way to cut costs for technical infrastructure, and offers big computer companies a potentially giant market for Hardware and services”- Jamais Cascio

Over the past few years, companies have been massively shifting their data and applications to the cloud that ended up raising a community of data users. They are encouraged to capture, gather, analyze, and save data for business insights and decision-making. More organizations are leading towards the use of multi-cloud, and the threat of losing data and securing has become challenging. Therefore, managing security policies, rules, metadata details, content traits is becoming critical for the multi-cloud. In this regard, the enterprises are in search of expertise and cloud tool vendors that are capable of providing the fundamental cloud security data governance competencies with excellence.

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Data Governance for the Multi-Public Cloud: Top 10 AWS Best Practices
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