This video will show participants how to build applications using NuxtJS (A VueJS Framework), based on real-world experience in shipping products from scratch.

In the process, we will also look at various means of building performant websites.

Within the 3 hours (remaining 0.5 hours will be for Q and A, as well as helping slower paced participants), we will cover the following:

  • SPA, SSR and Static Websites, which one to use.

  • Building for performance, code splitting, tree shaking, lazy-loaded resources

  • Important points on NuxtJS such as architecture, configuration, SSR features & lifecycle, etc.

  • Creating your first NuxtJS project and explanation on options available

  • What are plugins, modules and which one to use

  • Sign In Page & Crud Page

  • Hands-on learning Of VueJS and NuxtJS concepts

  • there will be a local backend API with authentication to test things out).

  • Gotchas & Edge Cases

  • Coding problems that can occur in SSR

  • How to get dynamic Vuex store to work

  • Deployment as SPA, SSR, Static Website

  • Q&A Session

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Nuxt.js - Practical NuxtJS
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