Hello friends, today we are going to learn How to Create a Responsive Login and Registration Form in HTML and CSS. There are a lot of Forms Design that I have created before but, to date, I have not created a login and registration forms together or on one page.

What is the Login and Registration Form
Login Form means the login page or section where users need to enter their login details like email, phone number, and password. Registration form is the process to register user details to make login details for entry in the particular page or website.

In the login form section, we can make two input fields one is for the user email address or phone number and another for password and this is mandatory and in the registration form we have to add some extra input field like the input field of name, phone number, password and other.

Login and Registration Form in HTML and CSS | Source Code
You can download all source code from the given link. Click Here To Download All Source Code

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Login and Registration Form in HTML and CSS
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