I love being the mayor, of everywhere I go. I crave check-in points for places I have never been and it puts a smile on my face when I get those extra points for checking in the third time in a week. I do FourSquare, everyday. Even when I don’t leave the house except for a walk, I check-in outside. I use FourSquare more than any other application on my phone(s), so I think I can claim area expertise when it comes to which mobile client is the best. Of course that is the official Windows Phone FourSquare application.

First its beautiful, something none of the other apps I have tried can claim. The background is pleasing and provides a great extension of the brand. The typography is rich and bold as all Metro UI applications should. But beyond being pretty it is functionally superior. It gives me access to what I need as soon as I launch, something none of the other applications can claim.

Metro Appeal

I consider the official Windows Phone FourSquare application a prime example of how to do Metro UI right. It utilizes a beautiful, relevant background while putting the most important information right in front of you as quickly as possible. Not only is it a piece of art it exemplifies excellent information architecture. The user is greeted with a list of 8 tiles with what should be the most relevant location based on the user’s location and check-in history. Rarely do I find myself touching the more link in the bottom right corner of the home page tiles.

FourSquare Home Windows Phone

The tiles themselves are a rich input metaphor. One of the most important aspects of the Metro UI is putting data first, making it actionable. Each FourSquare tile reflects the location name as well as the type of location it is, for example a school or dining icon. Additionally it also displays the number of fellow FourSquarians currently checked in that location.

Finally, and this is the one I like the best, if the location is running a special there is a nice bright orange indicator letting me know. I have gotten many freebies and discounts because of the FourSquare specials, several times simply because I saw the special in the app.

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A Study In Good Ux And Developer Ux With Foursquare
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