GoodCore: Elevate Your JavaScript Excellence


A Good Core typescript library with utility functions and effective data structures for use with both Node and browser.

It brings:

  • type definitions
  • fluent api where applicable
  • high performance
  • fully tested
  • fully tree shakeable with rollup
  • Zero external dependencies

It contains ...

the following JSON.stringify -able data structures:

  • List (indexable, with iterator)
  • SortedList (O(log(n)) lookup, and iterator)
  • Dictionary
  • Stack
  • Tree
  • Vec2
  • Range2
  • Rect
  • KeyValuePair<S, T>

general utility objects:

  • Pool

method combinator decorators:

  • @before
  • @after
  • @around
  • @provided
  • @once (caches first result)
  • @async
  • @async.before
  • @async.after
  • @async.provided


  • Initable
  • Pooable

and lots of utility functions for:

  • Array manipulation, optimized for speed
  • Dom manipulation
  • Moc data generation
  • Object manipulation
  • Timer
  • Uri location handling
  • Fast rotation calculation using pre calculationand and closest value
  • Utility functions for
    • Asserts
    • Function proxies
    • Log pipe
    • Guid generation
    • looping

Version 1.0.0 Changes

  • Removed all different bundlings of the library except: goodcore.bundle.min.js and goodcore-lite.bundle.min.js.
  • Moved to ES2021 transpilation for the whole library.
  • Removed the ES(6) version of the library since there is no ES5 version anymore.
  • Several Array functions, such as slice() and map(), have been deprecated in favor of native array functions. Deprecated functions will result in a console.warn message. If you want to disable this message set Global.noDeprecationWarnings = true;
  • Array functions that had optimized code for older browsers (IE) have had that code removed.
  • Obj
    • CHANGE: mixin() now mixes objects deep in the case when the target and the source both have a property value with the object type.
  • Util
    • ADDED: function deprecate<T extends Function>(instead: string, fn: T): T
    • REMOVED: getFunctionName() in favor of
    • REMOVED: getFunctionCode() since it did not feel very "core" and was not handling any variations of arrow functions. Replace with .toString and a regex of your choice.


Iterator support in List and SortedList requires that the browser supports it too. So if you have to support a browser which do not such as IE11 then please use a polyfill like core.js.


Here is a small example that makes no sense other than show what the lib looks like in use.

import { Initable, List, provided, Range2, Util, Vec2 } from "goodcore";

let world = new Range2(2, 2, 8, 8); //x,y,h,w
function inWorld(point: IVec2): boolean {
    return world.containsPoint(point);

class BaseLogger {
    private _list: List<Vec2> = new List<Vec2>();
    public id: string = "";

    public log(point: IVec2) {
        this._list.add(new Vec2().set(point));
    public search(point: IVec2): List<Vec2> {
        return, i) => p.equals(point)).clone();
    public get list(): List<Vec2> {
        return this._list.clone();
class Logger extends Initable(BaseLogger) {}

// log in the order of distance from 0,0 
let logger: Logger = new Logger().init({id: Util.newUUID()}) as Logger;
logger.log({x: 1, y: 3});
logger.log({x: 4, y: 4});
logger.log({x: 5, y: 5});
logger.log({x: 7, y: 8});
logger.log({x: 9, y: 3});

    .orderBy((a, b) => a.length() - b.length())
    .forEach((p) => console.log(p.x, p.y));

let contains ={x: 4, y: 4});
console.log(`does the log contain point 4,4? ${contains.count > 0}`);


Found a bug? GREAT! Raise an issue!

When developing, please:

  • Write unit tests.
  • Make sure your unit tests pass

Download Details:

Author: allnamesrtaken 
Source Code: 
License: MIT license


GoodCore: Elevate Your JavaScript Excellence
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