Learn Flexbox through demos and by building an application

Flexbox is amazing. It has changed how we write the CSS and it provides built-in support for responsiveness. So all the responsiveness of your website is handled by Flexbox making it easier to create websites.

Flexbox is used for building one dimensional layouts.

If you have used Bootstrap framework for making responsive design, then you might be aware that, starting with Bootstrap version 4, it’s entirely based on Flexbox. Before Bootstrap version 4, it handled responsiveness using float properties but from version 4, the entire framework is re-written using Flexbox.

So knowing Flexbox is really an important thing because nowadays almost all websites are using flexbox functionality and knowing it is an important part from interview point of view also.

So Let’s get started

Flexbox allows the elements on the page to grow and shrink based on the device width so we don’t need to write much CSS code to handle responsiveness.

To use Flexbox, the first thing you need to define is a flex container with display: flex property.

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An Introduction to Flexbox
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