In this course finale we will complete the delete functionality and implement the add recipe form. We will generate the classes for our delete recipe operation and configure our Ferry GraphQL client cache. We will update the cache after removing a recipe and implement the recipe form for our Add Recipe screen. We will implement the insert recipe mutation and update the cache whenever we run the operation on form submission. We will implement our ingredients section and understand when to use keys in your Flutter application. We will complete the course with some final cosmetic changes.

=== Contents of this video ===

00:00 Intro
00:48 Implement DeleteRecipe mutation
03:58 Configure the GraphQL cache
04:30 Update Recipes List cache
07:12 Implement Add Recipe Form
14:42 Implement InsertRecipe mutation
17:47 Updates Recipes List cache
19:23 Build fields for RecipeForm Ingredients section
22:01 Explain List Keys in Flutter
23:03 Generate List Keys with uuid package
25:15 Add Ingredients fields update logic
28:47 Amend InsertRecipe request with ingredients
30:27 Some cosmetic changes…
32:26 Outro

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Build a Recipe Management App with Flutter Finale
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