You might have forgotten to provide the _style=scss _flag or maybe you didn’t know that it existed when you were generating a new Angular application using the Angular CLI, and now you want to switch to using the SCSS stylesheet format in your project, this transition can be daunting in cases where the project has already gotten big.

In this article, I will cover:

  • Using an Angular schematics NPM package to perform the migration with just one command.
  • The manual way of performing the migration i.e. using the ng cli command.
  • Using the NPM package renamer to perform the migration

I will not cover what SCSS and Angular Schematics are in this article because I presume you know what these are. You can read on a great Angular Schematic series of articles here on

Normally, to generate a new Angular project that uses SCSS stylesheets using the Angular CLI, you’d have to run the following command.

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Migrate from CSS to SCSS stylesheets for an existing Angular project
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