KEDA is a Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaler (a CNCF project). With KEDA, you can drive the scaling of any container in Kubernetes based on the number of events needing to be processed.

In this session we will cover -

  • Kubernetes Architecture & terminologies
  • Deep dive into Horizontal pod / node scaler
  • KEDA Architecture
  • Event source & scalers
  • Hands-on demo with different scalers in use with KEDA

Speaker Bio:
Vivek Sridhar is a technophile and an Open-Source contributor with around 15 years’ experience in the Software Industry and works at Microsoft as Sr.Developer Product Marketing Manager. In his previous role, he has mentored startups/developers, speaker at conferences/meetups for DigitalOcean as Senior Developer Advocate, Co-Founder / Chief-Architect of NoodleNext Technology. He was also heading DevOps and QA at BlackBuck and was a DevOps Solution Architect at HCL (Australia) in client engagement. Vivek started his career with IBM Rational (India Software Labs) as a Software Developer and is passionate about working with the software developer.


Application Autoscaling with Kubernetes Event-driven Autoscaler (KEDA)
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