React js crud example with Codeigniter 4 and MySQL tutorial. In this example, you will learn how to create React CRUD example with Codeigniter 4 and MySQL.

This tutorial will show you step by step on how to create React JS as a front-end technology used for building the UI (User Interface), PHP based CodeIgniter 4 web framework will be used to build the REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs and MySQL database will be used as a persistent storage.

And as well as, learn how to build CRUD application using CodeIgniter 4, MySQL and React JS framework. CRUD is an acronym that stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete operations in a particular application. So you are basically creating a record, reading single or all records, updating the existing record and deleting the existing record.

And this tutorial will show you how to perform CRUD operations using php codeigniter 4 REST APIs in React js. And will create three separate JavaScript (js) files for performing CRUD operations.

React CRUD Example with CodeIgniter 4 and MySQL 8

Follow the following steps and create react js crud app using php codeigniter 4 and mysql rest apis:

  • Step 1: Download Codeigniter Latest
  • Step 2: Basic Configurations
  • Step 3: Create Database With Table
  • Step 4: Setup Database Credentials
  • Step 5: Create Model File
  • Step 6: Create Controller
  • Step 7: Setup React Application
  • Step 8: Create List.js File
  • Step 9: Create Create.js File
  • Step 10: Create Update.js File
  • Step 11: Create Style.css File

React js CRUD Example with CodeIgniter 4 and MySQL 8
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