As the word is riding with innovations, a small mistake or fault can lead to human disaster. Especially in sectors like chemical, manufacturing and logistics, that require continuous human alertness to remain safe, while working. That’s why it becomes imperative that workers employed in these areas remain attentive to the changes happening in the workplace. However, human vision is liable to overlook small changes around them. And these small changes can give rise to potential disasters, risking human lives.

According to a report by the International Labour Organization, work-related injuries and deaths have accounted to US$3 trillion globally, which is the approximate GDP of India. Such situations can be mitigated by deploying an AI-powered solution, which can identify the imposing threat to human life, and can create a safer workplace. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the pattern associated with threats to human life can be identified, as well as human injuries could be prevented.

Thus, in a set-up that demands, rigorous work by humans, utilization of tools and equipment, and sectors involved with fireworks, the AI-based solution would be helpful for providing insights, about the organizational set-up, so that these hazards can be prevented. Also, these AI-powered solution does not require an infrastructure overhaul, but can be incorporated in the existing security system.

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Achieving Zero Accidents with Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
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