I am a new user of Debian operating system. How do I install htop on Debian using the apt command  or apt-get command ?

htop is nothing but Interactive process viewer for Debian Linux system. It is just like default top command with an additional set of options and better colorful display on the screen. Very useful for developers and new system users. This page shows how to install htop on Debian using command line options .


How to install htop on Debian using apt-get

The procedure for installing htop Debian is as follows:

  1. Open the terminal application.
  2. For remote Debian server login using ssh command.
  3. Execute apt search htop command to search for htop on Debian
  4. Run sudo apt installhtop to install htop in Debian

Let us see all commands and step-by-step- examples in details.

Please note that **admin@ls-debian-10:$**is my shell prompt. You need to type all commands after that prompt.

Debian install htop

It is important that you know how to search for any packages. Therefore type the following command to search for htop package using apt command:

admin@ls-debian-10:$`` **apt search htop**

### OR use the apt-cache command ##

admin@ls-debian-10:$`` **apt-cache search htop**

aha - ANSI color to HTML converter
 htop - interactive processes viewer
libauthen-oath-perl - Perl module for OATH One Time Passwords
pftools - build and search protein and DNA generalized profiles

Find information about htop package

Run the following command:

admin@ls-debian-10:$`` **apt info htop**

Debian 10 getting info about htop

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How to install htop on Debian Linux using apt-get
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