You need a native app. That’s what we’ve been told repeatedly since Apple first announced the iPhone App Store. And perhaps you do. Native apps can make sense, depending on an organization’s size and needs.

But what about potential customers who don’t have your app? Or current customers on a desktop computer? What about people with limited space on their phones who delete apps to make room for other things? What is their experience like?

This is where Progressive Web Apps (sometimes referred to as PWAs) shine. They combine the best features of the web with capabilities previously only available to native apps. Progressive Web Apps can be launched from an icon on the home screen or in response to a push notification. They load nearly instantaneously and can be built to work offline.

Best of all, Progressive Web Apps simply work. They are an enhancement to your website. No one needs to install anything to use a Progressive Web App. The first time someone visits your website, the features of a PWA are available immediately — no app stores (unless you want them). No gatekeepers. No barriers.

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Tutorial: How to Build a Progressive Web App (PWA)
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